I know, I know.
I may be partly responsible for the 'beachy fluffy boot' craze. Back..  to Baywatch days.
I had no idea that animals suffered (and died) to make those boots. 
It was at the beginning of my Activism career. 
I think a lot of people never understood the cruelty that went into making shearling products— or even wool— 
 I've been determined ...ever since - hence- redemption (my production company)-
This is the glamorous alternative - 

"Pammies" are cruelty free. Made from recycled electronics. 
Progressive fabrics - making use of waste- instead of harming animals. 
This is my passion. to discover new compassionate, forward thinking fabrics- that are recycled… 
there is no reason to use animals for fashion, for food, for anything,  but love— 

My goal is to get a pair of these on every body who enjoys the beach lifestyle- surfers, the world--
everyone who enjoys the comfy-ness of slipping on something easy and warm, 
to bring their families to the beach, to the snow,  anywhere outdoors.
 The boots are as stain and water resistant as they can be- but are  washable…too… get outside, get dirty…live... 
Our message is…
Compassion is sexy.  

Thank you for caring about animals, the environment and looking and feeling good. 
These are a labor of love. 
It's taken me this long... 
To convince people - this is the future— stay tuned for more of my lifestyle brand— coming soon...

Take part in a sensual revolution. 
Sensuality is a sexy kindness. Empathy. Realizing that every choice we make -affects others - all others— not just humans...
Thank you for choosing "Pammies"!!.  Girls and boys. 
We don't discriminate. 
With Love,
Pamela x
*Made in California*


The soft sounds ...
The crunching of wet grass.., 
A frogs banter.  
The sand squeeks 
beneath my feet- 
She stares at me 
as …
I glide by his nest..
I wont hurt you...
Every step - means well, 
A gentle touch, from the   
leaves of a branch. 
The feeling you get -
near cool wet pine... 
The smell of that familiar boat dock. 
The taste 
Left anchored - the salty sea- 
remembers me-
the... drawn waterways, 
the long dragging stick follows...
Tracing ...
so, you know where I've been. 
In voluptuos circles,  
wandering heaven, and back. 
Somewhere in the middle -I lay...
to watch the stars. 
A man's smokey flannel -over an old favorite bikini. 
My boots are made 
for walking ...
and talking… caressing
Tales of 
jungles -
in our lives. 
Above the knee...
Is all I see. 
Leaving you... 
A big, 
healthy smile ... 
it’s about time...